Volusia & Flagler County

World AIDS Day 2021

An event to support people living with and affected by HIV and to remember those who lost their lives due to an AIDS-related illness.

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World AIDS Day
Equitable Access | Everyone’s Voice

As we continue to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, we are constantly reminded of the need to remain patient in the midst of adversity, the need to promote medical innovation, and the need to provide quality and equitable care.

Such needs are not limited to the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, throughout the past 40 years since the first officially reported cases of AIDS, we have fought tirelessly to end the HIV/AIDS epidemic. While we have made incredible progress, our current efforts are particularly focused on responding to health inequities as we continue to see HIV disproportionately impact vulnerable communities.

In our fight to end the epidemic, we must remember the voices of the ones we have lost, the voices of the ones living with HIV and the voices of our future. No voice should be forgotten nor excluded in our service.

With all this in mind, we are happy to bring you this year’s theme for our World AIDS Day event: “Equitable Access. Everyone’s voice.” Please join us for this year’s event in bringing members of the Volusia & Flagler communities to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS.

40 Years of Fighting ... 40 Years of Honoring

This year marks an important milestone. June 5, 2021 represents 40 years since the first official cases of what eventually became known as AIDS were reported within the United States.

Since then we have fought tirelessly for the thousands of loved ones lost to HIV/AIDS-related illnesses and the survivors living with HIV today. While we have made tremendous progress, we still are fighting to raise awareness to eliminate stigma and discrimination surrounding HIV/AIDS.

This anniversary is a reminder of the meaning and significance behind our service to end the epidemic. We have included some informational resources on the Resources page highlighting the progress we have made these past 40 years.


Day 1 - Memorial & Celebration

On December 1st, we will host a Memorial & Celebration service to remember those we have lost and to look towards the future.

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Day 2 - Meet the Team

Meet the team that is dedicated to serving you by bringing awareness and providing resources to the community.

Our Partners

Thank you to our partners who are dedicated to raise awareness and improve the lives of those who live with HIV.

World AIDS Day Memorial Service

In partnership with New Church Family, we will host a Memorial Service in their parking lot. The packed schedule includes keynote speakers and a time of remembrance and words of encouragement from community leaders as we continue to raise awareness.

Important Information

WhereNew Church Family
Date & Time: December 1 at 6:30pm

COVID-19 Safety

We are actively following guidance from health departments and the CDC. If you do choose to attend, please keep in mind the CDC recommendations on how to keep yourself and others healthy.

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