Matthew Carter was born and raised in Daytona Beach, FL to Jean Grant Miley and David Lee Carter II at Halifax Hospital, and presently resides in New York, NY. Matthew is a well-rounded young man and has enjoyed art since he was a child. As he got older he explains that he began to see the human body itself as a work of art. Matthew says, “I’ve always wanted others to see me as a work of art in pictures and in person. This was the breaking point for me, and soon it began to really stir up and create more of the desire to become a famous model”.

Matthew soon began to perform in various clubs around Florida and modeling jobs after graduating high school. This helped him to mold his image and desire to want to become a model even more. Performing in different clubs is what gave him the courage and experience to act and model for a wide variety of audiences, and has also helped him to develop different techniques to prepare him physically and mentally before a show or performance. Matthew has been seen in more than a dozen fashion shows, appearances in movies, television episodes, talk show appearance, promotional modeling, and he’s appeared in a host of other forums to build his portfolio and resume. Matthew is a hardworking, dependable, and trust-worthy individual that certainly has the desire to be successful and provide a better life for himself and his family.

Matthew attended First St. Peter A.M.E. Church in Stone Mountain, GA where he was the President and Director over the Dance and Drama Ministry. Matthew now attends Love Fellowship Church International in Jonesboro, GA where he is over the Sacred Arts division. He attributes his success this far to having a positive attitude, determination, passion and prayer; which he says these combinations of things have been the fire in his belly.

With the experience and wisdom Matthew has gained, he decided to start a Christian based Non-profit organization of his own to assist others who truly need and accept his help. A Real Desire is the name of his organization, and is building day by day. With this organization Matthew says, “After being told by my doctor that I would die of AIDS I renounced death and claimed life. I decided to not die with AIDS, but to LIVE with it, and with Gods help I will help who I can, when I can, while I can, before God calls me home.” He has truly dedicated his life to Christ and has made it his mission to help his fellow man with the hope of inspiring others to jump aboard.

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